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ABC Reading Enrichment Program
A TWO time grant award winning program!!! 
ABC Reading Enrichment Program, a subsidiary of the K. D. Moore, Community Development, Inc., plans to positively impact reading, writing, and literacy among students in the Clarkston, Georgia community.  Enrolled students will demonstrate an increase in student confidence, improved reading skills and abilities, increased reading levels, and a greater appreciation for reading.  ABC Reading Enrichment Program is a custom designed program that makes learning enjoyable and reading simple yet successful. It uses a curriculum that takes systematic approaches to teach children to read, write, and spell. The curriculum provides instruction and practice that allows children to master prerequisite skills at various levels. There is a parental component that encourages parents to allow their children to read to them for 15 minutes several times weekly.


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Family Movie Night

K.D. Moore Community Development, Inc.'s Family Movie Nights are the highlight for the Clarkston community. Family Movie Nights has and continues to be some of the most anticipated events taking place throughout the year. With the intention of keeping these nights exciting for the community, we would like to offer the movies available. K.D. Moore Community Development, Inc. is offering you the opportunity to donate funds to pay for the licenses for these films.  We are confident that K.D. Moore Community Development, Inc.'s Family Movie Night is the type of event you or your organization would be interested in supporting.  


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The Paralee George Scholarship

The Paralee George Scholarship encourages and assist high school students in continuing their education at an accredited institution of high learning, be it technical, vocational, or a college accredited by the governing board of regents per jurisdiction


The Paralee George Scholarship has significantly impacted over 500 students sine its inception in 1982.


The Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser helps to meet the needs of our students with books, tuition, meals, room and boards...


Students give back to the organization through assigned volunteer services to the community.


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Live Well Fitness Program

The Live Well Fitness Program helps to promote better options in health and wellness.  Classes range from Aerobics to Power Walking to Boot Camp. Classes are engaging for all those who want to reach their health and wellness goals!!! We have a team of individuals who are willing to assist you in reaching your next health and fitness goals.


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