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Prior to completing the application for the Scholarship please be sure that you meet ALL guidelines and qualifications for the Scholarship.  Failure to meet guidelines and qualifications will disqualify your scholarship application.

Any questions and/or concerns can be sent to


Encourage and assist high school students in continuing their education at an accredited institution of higher learning, be it technical,

vocational (curriculum must be one year in duration) or a college accredited by the governing board of regents per jurisdiction. 



  • All new applicants must submit proof of enrollment and a class schedule in a technical school or 4 year institution before receiving any distribution of funds.

  • Have a minimum Grade Point Average of 2.5

  • 2 Letters of Recommendation from Educators of Clarkston High School

  • 500 Word Essay answering Why Do You Feel You Should Receive this Scholarship?

  • Complete the Application Below

  • Scholarship applications must be submitted to the Scholarship Committee by Friday, June 2, 2023

  • Handwritten documents will NOT be accepted.           

Fund Distribution

Full-time students (12 credit hours minimum):

Scholarships will be disbursed as follows:  $500.00 per semester (fall and spring only).  The maximum amount granted per year is $1,000.00.

Part-time students and adults are ineligible.


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